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Black America Computers is a website devoted to Black Americans.  As a Black male in America I  believe that Black Americans have unique challenges, needs as well as abilities that have not been addressed.   Toward a better world, with the world wide web we have to become world citizens and innovators.  We can help ourselves and others  around the world, by becoming experts at this technology.  Black America Computers is both a clearing house for computer learning,  and a computer store that we can use to get our hands on this technology.  Please help me help you. 

Our Mission

Black America Computers sets out to resolve the current technological digital divide.  Our goal is to successful help African American also well as all others to get a grasp of computer and the internet , by learning enough to participate with computers and on the world wide web.

We can participate by learning to profit from E-Bay, networking our skills and interests online, reviewing and reporting news around the world, getting the training we need to stay competitive in our work as well as reaching out to our family and friends ( through the use of web cams, voice over ip or even networked communities).  There are world solutions to be achieved that we as a people have to step up and achieve.


Company Profile

We are a small company with lots of computer experience.  Our company has work consistently with other computers companies in the areas of computers parts sales, computer repair, computer animation, web development, video editing,  research and development, and computer programming.

We will strive to use all over our resources to help make the lives our patrons better. 


Contact Information

Black America computers can be reached in these ways


Postal address
P.O. 191785 miami beach fl
Electronic mail
General Information: info@blackamericacomputers.com
Customer Support:
Webmaster: webmaster@blackamericacomputers.com


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